Bitcove Team

Meet the team behind the Bitcove Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin’s revolutionary technology continues to redefine how we transact and think of money. provides the fastest, easiest and most convenient platform to convert your Euro into Bitcoin. has become an ambassador for Bitcoin in Ireland and our expert team are available to promote and discuss Bitcoin at any Bitcoin related conferences or discussion groups. is also supportive of the larger Bitcoin community and can provide guidance to merchants who are considering adopting Bitcoin as a method of payment. If you would like more information on this please contact us at:

James Nagle

James, with a background in Computer Science and Economics, has been at the forefront of the crypto ecosystem in Ireland. He has regularly appeared on print-media, podcasts and conferences speaking about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Peter Nagle

Peter, with a background in Law, is the second co-founder of Bitcove. First discovering bitcoin in 2013, Peter soon realised this was game changing technology. Along with James, he set about launching Bitcove to make bitcoin and crypto accessible in Ireland.


Declan, is the Chief Technical Officer at Bitcove. Declan ensures the Bitcove platform and systems operate smoothly and without any downtime. Declan, a Waterford native, has a background in Computer Science and has been working in the field for the past ten years.


Matt, is Bitcove’s marketing guru. Matt has a degree in Psychology from University College Cork and is a keen Australian Rules Footballer with the Leeside Lions. Matt keeps the Bitcove Social Media channels active and engaging while also finding time to produce insightful and relevant blog posts.


Damian, takes up the role of Operations Analyst at Bitcove. Damian is a keen problem solver and possesses a can-do attitude to all tasks, no matter how big or small. Damian first discovered bitcoin in 2013 and has worked on a number of crypto start-up's since then. Outside of the ‘cryptoverse’, Damian is an avid online gamer, playing competitively on a number of occasions.


Justin, is the Head of Compliance at Bitcove. Justin has an extensive track record in the compliance and risk management sector. He has previously worked with entities such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Merrill Lynch and the Central Bank of Ireland.


Cian is the Customer Support Lead at Bitcove. Cian relishes the opportunity to solve any customer issues that pop up, while also providing timely and relatable information to customers. In his spare time, Cian can be found playing piano, as he excels at classical music (which he holds a Masters in from the Cork School of Music).


Maria, is the Customer Support Executive at Bitcove. Together with Cian, they are the chief point of contact for all customer queries. Maria has a degree in Computer Science and Economics from University College Cork. Maria is fascinated by the potential of crypto and is excited to play her part in the growth of the industry.